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Aroma Housewares AWK 125S Electric Kettle Review


In everyday life, you can see that there are many things that you need to perform. Among those all, heating water for different purposes is too included. But most of the time, you can see that there are many people who all use gas to heat the water. When you use gas for heating purpose, then you need more time, and also a portion of the stove gets blocked for some time to heat the water.

If you want to make things easy and simple for you all, then the best way to do that is by going for theAroma Housewares Hot H20 X-Press 1.5 literheater. With the help of this heater, you can boil the water quickly with the help of electricity.

Want to warm some water at earliest, then the best thing you can do for that is to switch on your electric heater. There are many electrickettle,but still, among them, the most preferable and trust-worthy kettle is Aroma-Housewares-AWK-125S

Why is it considered to be the best?

Why go for this heater?

Some people wonder why to get anelectric kettle andnot anything else for the house. When you take a look at these things, then you can see that by using a heater, you can get things done in a fast way. If you are using a gas stove for this work, then you can see that they usually take more time as well as your gas get uses more than it is needed.

To boil water in a gas stove, it takes a particular time to heat the container first, then heat the water and lastly, the water starts to boil. In this whole process, you can see that you end up using more gas as well as it takes more time to heat a certain amount of water.

To get warm water at earliest and in an effortless manner, you need to go for the Aroma-Housewares-AWK-125S. The total capacity of the heater is 1.5 liter that means you can boil 1.7-liter water at a go. The heater uses electricity in place of fire and can heat the water at a fast rate than the fire, and you can get the hot water at earliest.

Specifications of the product

Before you, this heater for yourself, have a look at the specifications of the product.

Dimension of product: 11 X 11 X 9 inches

Weight of the product: 2.5 pounds

Weight of shipping: 2.5 pounds

Manufacture of heater: Aroma Housewares

Model Number of Heater: AWK-125S

Description of the product

Weight of kettle

In the market, you can find there are many electrickettlemanufacturers, who all sell their products. But if you look at most of the product, you can see that most of the kettles are heavy. The real reason behind the weight is the use of the material in the body, machines and circuits inside the kettle.But as per the customers demand, you can see that they all want to have a kettle, which is lightweight. They too want to have a kettle which can be easily transportable and handy. To make all these things available for the customers, the Aroma has come up with the Aroma-Housewares-AWK-125S heater. The weight of the heater is very less, and it is nearly 2.5 pounds only which is very light as compared to other heaters.

Size of the heater

The next thing that the customer looks for is the size of the heater. Now, most of the customers search for the heater, which is small and compatible in size. There are many instances when people try to take the heater with them while going away from home due to various reasons.

For that all, they always need a heater which is small and durable. In the case of the Aroma products, you can see that the size of the heater is perfect and small. The dimension of the heater that is available for you is 11 X 11 X 9 inches only. This shows how you can take the heater with you inside a bag easily. You dont need anything extra to take the heater with you.

The material used in the heater

The next thing thatthe Customer looks in a heater is about its material. The material plays an essential role in a heater as it must be a good conductor of the heat. When you use a material that is a good conductor, then you can heat the water excellently and efficiently without any extra time.

So, if you need a heater which is made of stainless steel, then you can go for the Aroma-Housewares-AWK-125S. The container in which you will be boiling the water is made of stainless steel, which can heat the water efficiently, and makes the container lightweight too as stainless steel is light and durable. It also can withstand all adverse conditions and dont get rust even if you use it for boiling water and for cooking liquid items.

Mode of heating water

The next thing that you must look for is how it heats the water. Yes, there are many kinds of heater who all uses a different type of ways to heat the water. Some of the most preferred heaters areSolar water heater.These kinds of heater are now being produced by many companies, and in these heaters, you can see that the heater has got the solar panel in the top. You need to put the heater under the sunlight, and the battery in it gets charged and starts to boil water by giving out heat energy, but in this process, you can see that they take more time to heat the water.

In the case of an electricheater,you can see that the primary source of the heater to heat the water is by the use of electricity. You need to put the plugin the electric socket and needs to connect the base which has got the heating coils in it. The base acts as a big heating coil for the container, and when you put the heater on it, it will start to heat the water inside the container. The process is speedy, and it can be done efficiently without much problem.

Other features

When you go for this heater, you can see that the heater has got many tops and advanced features in it. One of the best features that you can get here in the heater is automatic switch off after it heated the water. Yes, you read it right; there are many heaters which keeps on boiling the water until you switch off the heater. But in the case of Aroma-Housewares-AWK-125S, the company have used a different mechanism in it. Here, you can find that the heater is equipped with an automatic switch that gets off after the water is heated. It means you dont have to stand or keep on checking the heater so that you can switch off the heater.

With this mechanism in place, you can do your other work at the same time when your water is getting heated by the heater. After the water is boiled, you can see that the mechanism sense it and turn off the heater even if the main switch is on. By doing it, it shuts down the electricity to reach the coil of the heating device, and due to this, there is no danger of overheating of water or any other things present in it.

The next best thing for which the product is considered to be stunning is how you transfer the water from the kettle to another container. The device has got two parts, and they are consist of the bottom part, which is considered to be the main part and is connected with a cord to the electric socket. The next thing is the container which is separate and has got no cords in it. So, you need to put the container on the bottom part in a perfect manner, and when your water is heated, you can take out the container from it and can take it with you without any difficulty.

Highlights of the products
aroma housewares 6-cup

If you are thinking to buy this product but want to search certain features as you dont remember about it. Then you can get it here in this section. Here you will find all the things that this product has got for you.

  • The container of the product is made of stainless steel material with a black durable plastic handle.
  • You will get a free rubber under the lid as well a water level indicator.
  • The total capacity of the container is 1.7 liter.
  • It has got an easy filling facility and comes with a trigger-release lid.
  • You can get a cordless pouring feature.
  • You can get an automatic switch-off facility.
  • It comes with a drip-free spout.
  • You will get a water level indicator.

Is it good to buy the product?

Yes, Aroma-Housewares-AWK-125S is the best and most efficient water heater that you can have for yourself. The features that all are mentioned in the above shows how well the product is designed for the customers. When the company is making this product, it seems that they have kept all the needs of the people in mind and then build it in that way. You can see that thiselectric heater isnow being in demand among the customers and the real reason for the demand is due to the several excellent features that it has got with itself.

The company has put everything in this product, and you can see that the function of the product is made in such a way that it can act as a functional kitchen experiences. The product that is available from the company is said to be undergone all safety features, and it is durable and easy to use as well. The design of the product is practical and also performance-oriented. It helps in improving the quality of life in a better manner.

Will, I recommended the product?

Definitely yes, the Aroma-Housewares-AWK-125S heater is best for you all. And it is recommended for you all after I am using it for a long time. The product is a little bit costly when it comes to the pricing of the product, but it is always a value for money product for you all. If you take a look at the features and performance of the product, you can see that the product pricing is justified to a great extent.

I have used the product for some months, and after two months, I can say that the heater is excellent, and there is no compromise with the performance of the product. The container is 1.7 liter, and the container is quite significant in diameter too. For that reason, I also have tried to cook some pure and natural items in it and to my surprise; it has got cooked perfectly without any issue.

The most loved part what I like in the product is the automatic switch on and off of the heater as per the heating conditions. It means, even if the lower heating lid is connected with the socket and socket is on, but the water is already being heated, the lid will get switch off after that, and it will not make the water more heat after that. This attracted me in a significant way because I can carry all go for other activities too when the water is getting boil in the heater.

With so much thing in offering from you, it is the best product if you want to have an electric heater for yourself. You can purchase the heater from online stores, and you can get all these things at a very affordable price with guaranteed and warranty from the company.

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