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Aroma Housewares Hot H20 X-Press 1.5 Liter Cordless Electric Water Kettle Review


As the winter is coming and now some days left for you all when you want some perfect heart to do various works. In most of the home, it is seen that when the winter approaches, you can see that most of the people need warm or hot water to do various work. If you too want to carry such work, then you can always go for theelectric kettlefor all this stuff.

Why is the kettle best for you?

Well, nowadays you can see that most of the people are getting technology-oriented. They prefer to use technology in doing things rather than going for the hard work. Like that, some people hate standing in front of gas to heat water or to keep on checking in regular intervals about how much hot does water becomes. But when you go for buying the Aroma H2O X-Press, it offers you all kinds of easy ways by which you can boil the water.

When you get anyAroma H20 X-Presskettle for yourself, you can see that it works on an electric connection. The mechanism by which the kettle boils the water for you all are based on the electricity mechanism.

What is so special in this heater?

If you look at the various standard heater, which uses the gas and fire to boil water are not so convenient. It is because, when you boil water, you need to keep on checking about the temperature of the water so that you need to take the water out of it.

But in the case of Aroma H20 X-Press, you can see that all these things are straightforward. The heater comes with a best in class feature, and it is you can get automatic on and off feature in it. It means that when the water reaches its boiling point and warm enough, then the heater gets off automatically.

For all that feature, you can do your work by switching on the heater to heat the water. After that, you need not have to worry about checking the heater time to time or need to stand in front of it for the whole time. It also offers you to save the electricity by cutting off the connection after the water is heated up.

If you are wondering this is the onlyelectric kettlefrom Aroma, then it is not. The other kettle that you can go for and are fully electric too are Aroma AWK-125R, AWK-115S, AWK-1000, and AWK-260.

Specification of the product

When you are getting this kettle, then the people usually see about its dimensions. Well, the dimensions that they go for are 6.1 X 9 X 10.1 inches. Not only this, the weight of the kettle plays a vital role, and this kettle is in demand as it was weightless and is nearly 2.8 pounds only. For that, it can be carried anywhere and any place as per your wish, and it is too portable. Not all this, it also comes with warranty with it but to get details about it all, you need to contact the company support staff.

About the product

As all the specifications are already mentioned above, one can know why thiselectric kettleis in demand among the users. Well, the kettle is not only in demand for these things, but it has got some best other stuff in it too. If you need to boil water for any making food or drinking purposes, then you can use this kettle. If you look at the kettle, then it comes with a storage-tank water heater feature. It means that you can store the water in it for a long time after boiling the water.

These storage-tank water heaters are currently in demand, as it is not only used to store the water. Instead, you can use it in cooking the food items like noodles too in it. Yes, theseelectric kettles had come with enough place that you can cook noodles as well inside it or can make coffee or tea also.

All these things are very much useful for all people, especially when you are working around or having a good time in the house and you dont want to miss the fun around it. So, if you are wondering about all these things, then do make sure that you go for theelectric kettlerather than going for any other kind of kettle for yourself.

Unboxing of product

1. Weight of kettle

The very first thing that people search for when they go for anyelectric kettleis they look forward to the weight of the same. They usually prefer the type of kettle that is light in weight as it is much easy to use the kettle and in a better way. In the case of Aroma H2O X-Press, the total weight of it is 2.8 pounds. This shows how lightweight it is for using in anyplace and anywhere.
aroma awk-115s hot h20 x-press 1-1/2-liter cordless water kettle

2. The dimension of the product

The next thing that you need to check about the product before buying the product is its dimensions. When anyone now buys any portable product, they first look at its size. The size plays an important role, and good dimensions can help you to carry the product to different places without much effort. In the case of this kettle, the dimension in which it comes is 6.1 X 9 X 10.1 inches. With these dimensions, you can carry the product with yourself on the trip or the place of camping.

3. The material used in it

After all the above things, the very first thing that comes to your mind is the kind of material that is used in the kettle. If you look at the customer needs, then you can see that they always go for an exact need, which includes the material of the kettle too. In the case of thiselectric kettle, you can see that it is made up of pure and strong stainless steel. Stainless Steel is considered to be the best conductor of heat, and it can help you in heating the water or cooking your noodles in a better and fast way. Moreover, then a good conductor of heat, it is too very much light in weight and durable too.


4. Mode of heating

The next thing that comes with the heater and is also an important thing for all. If you look at the heater, then you can see that there are various kinds of heating methods that can be used for heating purposes. Nowadays and if you are going on a trip or camping purposes, then it is always advised to use asolar water heater.

It is because in thesolar water heaterit uses solar energy to warm up the water and you dont need electricity to do these things. But still, this process is slow, and it is not easy to use as it will not work efficiently if it does not get solar energy properly. But in an electric heater, it is fast and heats the water in a better way too than theSolar water heater.

5. Storage options

The next thing that people watch or go for is about its storage. Storage is one important thing, which means that you can store or keep the water like that in the kettle till you use it. Many heaters dont come with the kettle with them, but in the case of H2O X-press, it has got aStorage tank water heater.

It means you can keep the water there inside it after boiling the water, too, and it will help you in making things better for you all. In the case of aTankless water heater, you cant store the water for future use, and you need to use the water immediately after warming up.

6. Kind of boilers

The next thing that people must look for is the boiler method used in the heater. There are two kinds of methods by which a heater can use. They areCondensing water heaterandheat pump water heater. In the case ofcondensing water heater, it uses gas or oil to get the heat. When you go for this boilers, it uses the condensed water vapor that is present in the exhaust gases, and by that way, it can recover the latent heat of vaporizers.

But in the case of aheat pump water heater, it uses the electricity, and it helps in moving the heat from one place to another. In this way, it generates the heat directly, and it can be done by two or three times by energy-efficient method and is also best from thecondensing water heater. So, do check the boiling process before getting any heater for yourself.

Features of product

The next thing that you can look at while getting the product for the use is here.

  1. This product is considered to be the best and top-rated product as you use boiling water in a few minutes. By doing that, you use less electricity for less time, and still, you get hot water for yourself.
  2. The kettle has got some advanced capacity and control methods, as well. The kettle comes with a 1.5 liters capacity for you all, and the control settings are right for you all too. The water gets heated at the right temperature, and it doesnt need any setting or adjustment for that too.
  3. The design by which the product is made is of premium quality. It is built with all an anti-slip grip and is also comes with the heat resistant handle too. So that when you hold the kettle to pour water to your glass or container will not feel any heat in your hand.
  4. The design of the kettle is such that it makes it one of the best products that you can go for. Apart from that all, you can see that it comes with the automatic off feature too in it. The top of the kettle has got a lid that is tight and prevents accidental spills.
  5. You also can get a warranty for the product. But to get the details about it, you need to contact the support.

Is it good to buy?

If you are thinking of getting any of the water heater kettles for yourself, then you can find that there are many kinds of kettle in there. If you want to go for the kettle, then you must get the Aroma H2O X-Press, and you can see that it will be the best deal for you all.

If wondering about where to get this product, then you need to know that, you can find it in online stores like Amazon. There you can get the product at a great price and the price at which the product is a sale here said to be best and cheap than the offline market too. While going for this product, you can see that it has got many top features in it. And the most crucial thing that comes with all these is an automatic switch-off feature. Yes, the heater will get off after the water is sufficiently heated even if you forget to turn off the heater or doing some other works for this all.

With so many things you are getting that too at an affordable price tag, it shows how good is the product is. So what are you waiting for? Get to the Amazon site, and you can get your hand on this beautiful and technologically advanced product.
aroma housewares hot h20 x-press

Will I recommend this product?

A Big Yes from my side and this yes comes after I use this product and exploring all the features, including taking the heater with me for long trips. This is the best kind of heater that can one have with it and it will no doubt will make things good for you all in a better way.

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