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KitchenAid KEK1222PT 1.25 Liter Electric Kettle Review


In today's lifestyle and fast-moving lives of everyone, each person wants to complete the tasks as soon as possible time to give the competition to many of the persons their abilities and works. In this fast-moving life of humans, machines are playing an essential role in these tasks. Tools make the job easy of the human in every aspect of the work whether the work is related to their homes tasks or from the functions of their work.

Nowadays in every house, many of the machines are available for doing the various jobs related to lifestyles and kitchens or even personal car as well. Everyone has less time in their lifestyles, and they need machines to cook the food as well. In the part of cooking the food boiled water is the main requirements for everyone.

But to boil the water, there are machines as well, which are well known as the name kettle. There are many brands which are providing the pots in the market, but there is a brand which is most popular nowadays. The brand named as Kitchen Aid. It has the products with the quality and performing the well in the operations and finds the suitable for household applications. One of the models from this brand is KEK1222PT-1.25 Litre.
kitchenaid kek1222pt 1.25-liter electric kettle - pistachio target


This product, which is named as KEK1222PT is a beautiful product by its design and performance. This product is having a plan in such a way that it delivers excellent options and performance during the working. Aesthetically this is stylish and compact in design. It makes this product easy to use. It has safety features which make it useful for every age group person for various kitchen applications. It is made from the smooth aluminum handle with a stainless steel body.

Construction of the Kettle:-

Construction of the kettle is designed with considerations for the safety of everyone with its so many safety features. The kettle body made from the stainless steel material, which gives it more durability. Power is supplying through the coil from the bottom to the collection, which will further be designed to provide the power efficiently to the body. Its overall dimensions are as Depth-8in, Height-8 in and the width is 7 in. It is good at work to deliver the efficient work manner by taking less time for boiling the water in the body.

Construction of kettle designed, development is a way it fulfills the desires user. The person who purchased it for the kitchen and places t in the kitchen feels happy by places it in the kitchen. It has a base which can rotate on the 360deg rotation and easy to remove from the main body. The main body is made from stainless steel material and with removable lid and simple controls. This product is available in various colors from which customers can choose according to their choices. As far as safety is a concern, it comes with the features where safety is on top priority. It has a beautifully designed handle which makes easy to handle the kettle. It has removal lid which helps to pour the water quickly and a limescale filter located in the passage of flowing rain. It helps to filter the water before start boiling it to make food or drink the water. It operates on the electric power of 1500-watts, which makes it an energy-efficient product. With it's simple and easy to use design, this can be the right choice for the kitchen of everyone. It delivers efficient work in less time.
itchenaid kek1222pt 1.25-liter electric kettle - pistachio

Features of the Kettle:-

This product as simple as in design it also delivers the so many features for its users. Best features of the product are described here below. These features of the product make the product simple to use and deliver high performance in every aspect of uses.

Removal Lid:- Lid is the central and essential part of any kettle. The lid of the kettle allows handling the material which is processed in the pot either it is water or any other liquid. The top is so important and plays the role of passage for the content. This kettle comes with the feature of removal lead to fill the pool. You remove the lid from the body by a rotate little bit and take off from the main body and fill the water. Removal lead is handy to see the level of the water while pouring in the body. It helps to maintain the level of the pool according to use and requirements.

Simple Control:-It has simple controls so that it can use by everyone in the kitchen from any age group. It has an indicator which shows that it is in on position which blinks permanently while power in on during the operation of the machine. It has another LED switch which used for on/off the kettle. These switches are electronically programmed and doing well in their respective fields. It lets you know that pot is in operational mode and you can keep watch on it while it was boiling the water inside the body. These witches are very much useful for the user in terms of efficient work as well as in terms of giving a unique look to the kettle.

Removal Base:- As in another, many types of kettles base are connects with the body or some time bases cannot be removed from the collection. It is not good when it required washing the body with water. The base consists of the wiring and elements which passes the current to the circuit to complete the course for boiling the water with the heating element. But in this kettle, this problem is resolved with its feature of removal base from the body. With 360 deg rotation users can remove the support from the organization, which helps to carry the kettle anywhere when required or need. It will also be useful when you need to wash and clean the shape of the pot. Remove the base and cleanse the body and other parts quickly.

Stainless Steel Body:- Stainless Steel material widely used for the making kitchen appliances so that it can withstand with various conditions of the kitchen during the boiling, cooking and washing with various type of soaps and chemicals. Its stainless steel body delivers high performance under different terms and stands with the standards comply with the food products. Stainless steel material is durable and gives long life to the kettle. It will help to maintain the safe, hygiene, surroundings around the pot, which makes it uses safe. Increase the durability and healthy lifestyle.

Stylish and Compact in Design:- This product is sleek and compact in design which makes you feel like a light and designed apparatus which appealing a right style and worthy for display on all the counters where you want to put this kettle. You will feel proud to have it in your portfolio of the kitchen.

Boiling Water Capacity:- It has a vast capacity to boil the water or any other liquid. The role which it has is sure you will not have with another type of kettle in your kitchen. Its amazingly capacity is 1.25 liters of water in a single go. You will enjoy having this kettle in the kitchen with its size. It makes it easy to boil the water whenever you required for large cooking requirements in the kitchen. It will also help you by pouring the water and boil it quickly with such quantity and capacity.

Colors: - Such products which are going to be a part of your kitchen should have worth appealing looks and the looks are made from the colors which the product has. The kettle has various color combinations such as RED, BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL, BLACK, and PISTACHIO. These entire colors are beautiful and make appealing the looks of the kettle. You will feel proud to have any of the colors on the pot and delivers the appealing looks while placed in the kitchen.

Filter with scale: - This product as pouring spouts which is to be used for draining the water in the kettle to boil and there is scale marked on the pouring spout to measure the level of water while pouring in the pot. This scale helps to regulate the water so that it can be filled with the required level of water only.
kitchenaid kek1222pt 1.25-liter electric kettle

Weight:- Weight of the kettle is very light, which makes this product easy to handle while moving along with you during the traveling elsewhere. You can carry this kettle easily and comfortably with you wherever you are going and traveling together with other materials which you have. Its weight is so much light against different pots which make it beautiful to carry with just weight 2.5 pounds. It helps a lot to take with another material and make the uses of the kettle wherever you go.

Conclusion: - Maybe you have many other kettles and another product in your kitchen, but this product will make you feel good and proudly while you have this in your kitchen. This is the product which delivers the value to the users with its unique and so many features. Looks of this product appealing the good to have this in the kitchen portfolio.

This product will fulfill the boiling water requirement of your kitchen with its huge big capacity of boiling water at the time of cooking. You will feel the product to have this as it will give you an appealing look and you can place it on the table where you want to put it. Its safety features and the button which showing it during the operational conditions gives this product a premium looks during the use and fill your kitchen requirements.

The kettle has the unique measuring feature which lets you pour the water under the limit which you want to have for the cooking of particular dishes in the kitchen. It material from which it made is fulfilling the hygiene and gives a safe and healthy environment to make the food. Its removal base makes it easy to wash it properly without any damage to the electric circuits of the kettle. Its offering color makes you feel good and appealing look wise. It improves the productivity of the kitchen and saves energy with its efficient design and constructions. It boiling capacity gives you rest with the feeling requirement of the boiling water required for preparing the food for the family in the kitchen.

Development of the kettle is so beautiful that it matches the demand and fill the requirement and needs of the kitchen and home. This product makes easy to cook the food by boiling the water just before preparing the food so that food can be made efficiently and according to the need and requirement of the family or the group for which you are preparing the food.

This kettle serves safely and efficiently in your kitchen of the home and makes you tension free one side by helping you so much in your kitchen.

This product delivers the aesthetically good with its color combinations and provides the requirement which you need. Finally, this product fulfills the condition of the kitchen with its capacity and makes you fill proud to have in the kitchen. This product delivers the value to your kitchen, which is worth much far from its prices. It will be an excellent decision to buy this product for the kitchen and prepare your food with this kettle. It will deliver the full value and add the additional cost to your kitchen requirements.

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