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Electric Kettle Temperature 1.2L Gooseneck Pour-Over Kettle Review



An electric kettle is an essential tool for those who love to drink tea coffee frequently. It has several advantages. You can use it instantly to make tea and coffee. Good for office use or house use. If you are single and want to make coffee or tea instantly, then you should use this product. I am single and looking for a machine through which I can make coffee or tea within a few minutes, and I found from amazon this product. It's perfect and helps you to make hot water, coffee, tea instantly within few minutes. In this article, I am going to review the product so that if you are planning to buy it, it will be easy for you.

After complete a search from Amazon, I found one reputed company that sells this item, and the name of the brand is Doctor Hetzner. Under this brand, you may find several types of electric kettle, but I personally likeDoctor Hetzner KE5100because it is awesome and has good customer reviews as well. I order it because it has faster heating technology through which you can heat the water easily. You have to wait for less.


This electric kettle is from the reputed company Doctor Hetzner. This is one of the best companies that offer different types of electric kettle for their customers. You can choose any item as per your needs and requirement. Customers can use for professional and personal both.This company also has excellent reviews.

If you buy this electric kettle, you will also get one electric kettle; one 360 degrees swive base, and one instruction manual. You will find this product advance Strix temperature controller. It also has LCD digital as well. From the instruction manual, you will find all the details like how to boil, make coffee or tea or boiling water. It has a metal body, and color will be a still and black combination. You can choose any size as per your need and requirement.

Check the special specification or features of the product below-


  • It has precise temperature control features
  • It also has excellent S-Type Gooseneck spout design
  • This product is made by 304 stainless steel
  • you can keep your water warm up to one hour
  • It has 1000 watts power which boils water fast
  • The double leak-proof design which helps to serve many years.
  • It has the highest voltage capacity 120V/60HZ
  • Its maximum capacity 1.2L water
  • The electric kettle includes an LCD. This is one of the bestElectric Kettle.
  • It can heat the water within 1 degree. You have to press the power button to set the default heating system, which helps to set fast. Default set up to 212 degrees F and then plus or minus button to set temperature.
  • It has a Strix control system that helps to control 120 V and 1000 W kettle just within 4-5 minutes.


This is the first electric kettle that has a preset temperature control feature. It helps to provide superior quality tea and coffee as well. If you love to drink tea or coffee, frequently, this kettle is ideal for you. As it includes pre-set temperature, which allows you to make coffee fast, and it never burns your tea or coffee. You can heat water within 1-degree temperature because it has a precision digital control system. You can easily set the temperature by pressing the power button. You can press + sign or sign to control the heat power. After your water become hot, it will provide a signal.

This electric kettle is made with 304 stainless steel. This helps to increase the temperature at very less time. It will also prevent the surface corrosion of the product and remove the bad smell from inside. This kettle also includes Strix internal temperature control system. These features help to boil the water repeatedly. This kettle has 120 V and 1000 KW power, which helps to boil water within 4-6 minutes. It helps to boil 1.2 L water. So, you will be able to enjoy coffee without the waste of time. You can tryAmazonBasics Electric Hot Water Kettleto make coffee or tea instantly.

After hot water did, you dont need to switch off. This kettle automatically becomes off when the water boil is done. And the LED screen always informs you about the inner temperature of the kettle. It also has a 2-year product warranty.

This kettle also has an automatic power system, so you don't need to wait when the water boil is done and needs to put off switch! After water becomes boiled, it has an automatic sensor, so; it will stop working completely. This electric kettle is durable, and you can carry anywhere if you wish. This item is good for the corporate world. In your office cabin, you can use this kettle and make some tea instantly and ideal for single people. After purchase if you face any kind of problem regarding quality or electrical, you can return it anytime.

They offer their customer a 2-year product warranty. So, you don't need to pay extra cost for this purpose. Just return the product, and they will repair, or they can replace it as well. This product is good for travel as well. Whenever you need hot water, tea, or coffee in your hotel room, you can use it. You can boil water, tea, and coffee easily. It includes 120 V, which helps to boil the water instantly. This product also includes a thermal handle, which helps to hold the kettle properly. You never feel the heat once you hold it after boiling the water.

It also has a Strix temperature control system, which helps to control the temperature. It ensures your optimal operation, and it includes a 360-degree power base. The electric kettle also includes three steam vents. So, you can open the kettle lid very easily without giving any pressure.

You can use any plug point where the three-pin system is there. Just open the kettle and plug in the board and use it. Once you switch on, it will start, and then within a few minutes, your water will be hot, and you will prepare tea or coffee instantly. This kettle is the best for single or professional. Whenever you feel some drink, you can prepare within 5 minutes.

From Amazon, you just need to place the order, and they will deliver within a few days. Once you receive if you don't understand how to operate, it includes a manual book where you will find instruction and drawing as well. Using the manual book, you will able to start the kettle and enjoy its use. The price of the kettle is also reasonable, not very high. I am using this kettle personally for the last one month, and I found it is perfect! It requires less electricity, and you will be able to make tea or coffee easily.

If you use this item daily 2-3 times, you don't need to pay a huge electricity bill. It has advance technology which helps to consume less electricity. Find the best deal from Amazon and use it. If you are planning to buy an electric kettle, just buy this product now!

Here, I am writing some important pros and cons for this kettle

Pros and cons

  • Here, I am writing some important pros and cons for this kettle
  • This kettle includes an automatic temperature control system.
  • It has a unique Gooseneck design, so you will be able to pour water completely.
  • This product is entirely made of stainless steel, which makes this product durable.
  • It has an insulation button; after boiling the water, if you press it, it will remain your water hot up to 1 hour.
  • This kettle has 1000 watt power, which helps to boil water within 4-5 minutes, and you can boil 1.2L water easily.
  • It has three steam vent which helps to remove bad smell from the product
  • Easy to carry it is not very weight
  • Within the product, you will find a manual through which you can use it alone.
  • It isa Storage Tank Water Heater,which contains up to 1.2 L water.
  • The size of the product is a little big
  • If power will off, then you can boil water
  • The maintenance cost is a little high.
  • Apart from this product, Doctor Hetzner is also manufacturer several other types of products, which are good for making tea or coffee. You can check amazon to know more details.

Here, I am giving some other product like

Habor Electric kettle

The presence of stainless steel internal bottle as well as lid help to make sure that it is safe to drink water and your preferred beverages from this kettle. The safety features are regulated by the automated shutoff mechanism, which becomes activated within a few seconds after the kettle reaches the boiling point. There is no need to be concerned regarding overheating because of the board-dry protection functionality of this product. It takes just seven minutes to boil 1.7L/ 8 cups of water. The Habor Electric kettle is appropriate for beverages like tea, coffee, and foodstuff like pasta, oatmeal, and so on. It functions faster than even a microwave. The kettle is equipped with vibrant LED lights, which help to indicate that the product is heating. Once the kettle starts to get heated, mineral deposits can result in scaling, which can slow down the healing process gradually.

The kettle likewise comes with a wide mouth, which indicates quick filling as well as cleaning. It will be sensible to combine a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and baking soda along with water for removing the rust stains or mineral deposits within the kettle. You simply need to boil for half an hour and rinse comprehensively for descaling the kettle. You need to fill it with some water and vinegar and then boil it and leave it to soak.

ChefsChoice 681

When you are using this product, you need not think of any accommodation of any undesirable mineral deposits because the concealed heating element will not be in contact with the water whatsoever. The product comes with a handy water level gauge, which has been built right into the handle, and illuminated light is present on the on/off switch.

The kettle is going to switch off automatically once the water boils along with boil dry shut-off protection. The ChefsChoice 681 happens to be a cordless 360-degree product for effortless cleaning, filling, serving, and also pouring. The cord is going to store properly at the base of the product, and it will adjust is really to the desired length. The highlight of this kettle is that it is of 1500 Watts, 120V, and 60Hz.

Tankless Water Heater

This tankless water heater comes with a lucrative lifetime warranty for the convenience of the users. Moreover, it would help to save as much as 60% on the water heating cost thanks to its innovative features. It is not going to run out of warm water at any stage, which will provide you with complete peace of mind. The item comes with patented self-modulating technology as well as the layout, and it is 99.8% energy efficient. Moreover, the energy is going to stay uniform throughout its operation.

Solar Water Heater

This solar water heater is fantastic for the homeowners since they allow them to heat the water on their roofs or any other location where there is enough sunlight. It is also possible to store the water within a tank near the place where it is going to be dispensed. This would help to prevent any significant heat loss by maintaining the heat of the water even when the air temperature is low. The product also makes use of one single copper coil for exchanging heat, which is positioned close to the tanks upper part. This helps to heat the water strategically while it is being used such that the cold water at the tanks bottom can be heated afterward. This is one type ofCondensing Water Heater.

This water heater is available in different types of sizes, although the 200 L system happens to be the most appropriate for residential usage. The product likewise comes with an 8 L expansion tank, which helps to prevent any failure in the system because of stagnation. This implies that the solar collectors are not going to be damaged in case the solar energy is going to exceed the amount of water that is being heated at any particular time. He will also come across an innovative thermostatic mixing valve, which helps to avoid scalding. Apart from these, you will also find aHeat Pump Water Heaterand others.
bonavita 1liter variable temperature digital electric gooseneck kettle

I recommend this product strongly because it has several benefits. If you check its market feedback, you will always find positive feedback as well. A reputed manufacturer makes this product, it also has two years product warranty, and the price of the product is only $49.99. Try this product now and make coffee or tea instantly anytime.

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